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Cv creation

  1. Resume for employment purposes.
  2. Curriculum vitae for academic purposes

Cv Workshop

Virtual Workshop taping: Canadian Standard resume creation.

Cv Review

60 minutes consultation with a professional who will review your resume with you.

Resume for
employment purposes

Resume & Cover Letter
Each service includes the following:
  • Resume prepared from scratch and adapted with relevantin formation from your industry in Canada.
  • Formatting and use of keywords to attract the employer’s attention.
  • ATS Optimisation (Keyword Analysis)
  • Cover letter 100% original, you reserve the copyrights.
  • ATS Optimisation (Keyword Analysis)
  • High quality English writing
  • Receive your resume in Word and PDF format
  • Free guide with tips for your job search and relevantin formation on the Canadian interview system
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Resume for
academic purposes

This is commonly referred as curriculum vitae and it is ideal for people who seek to apply to Grad School (Master /Post graduate admissions)
Each service includes the following:
  • Preparation of a CV with Canadian standards, academic focus and content aligned to the relevance/type of program to which you are applying
  • Review of content, grammar and editing of your personal statement or academic essay (if required by the Institution)

Cv Workshop

Make your CV shine

Video Recording from the Virtual Workshop: “Canadian standards Curriculum writing for professionals with International profile whom seek job opportunities in Canada.”
Price: CAD $40
Duration: 1 hour 19 minutes (Recorded Workshop)
  • Access to the video, with the detailed explanation on everything required to make your own resume and cover letter.
  • Editable resume template (word document) needed during the virtual workshop to create your own curriculum.
  • Editable cover letter template (word format).
  • Presentation message with other relevant links for the workshop, in addition to tips and resources so a job search strategy and action plan can be created.
  • Copy of frequently asked interview questions.
  • Collection of the best Job search sites.
CAD $40
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